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custom websites made by a human

My name is Carina Merrick, and for more than 20 years I have designed and built websites for nonprofits, small- to medium-sized businesses, and individuals. For the last eight years my focus has been on custom websites built with WordPress.

Contact me at info@filadesign.com to schedule a free consultation.

What makes me different?


No other web designer will offer you a higher level of responsive and thoughtful service. See my client testimonials here.


I don’t just drop your content into someone else’s template. I create a unique look and layout tailored to your specific needs.

Ease of maintenance

I will not sell you an expensive, wasteful maintenance contract. I am always here to help you, but my goal is to create a website easy enough for anyone to maintain in-house.


I will not outsource any part of your site’s development to a bot, script, or AI. Every element receives my personal attention.

Ready to get started? Have questions? Contact me at info@filadesign.com to discuss your project.

How does it work?

Building a new site, or redesigning an existing one, typically involves these steps:

Complimentary consultation

We talk about your project via phone or Zoom (your choice). This helps determine the scope of the project, and whether I am a good match for your needs. After this consultation, I will send you a proposed scope of work, cost estimate, and timeline.

Organization & design

I do a thorough review of your content and goals to develop the site structure. Then I provide a number of potential designs for both your homepage and a sample inner page—because not every visitor arrives at your site via the homepage.

Once you’ve reviewed the options, we will work together to adjust and refine the design until you have exactly the look and feel you want.

Site building

Building our your site doesn’t just mean dropping your page content into a template. I refine each page individually. I also develop custom blocks, patterns, and site styles that provide you with the tools to easily maintain your site in-house. We will work as closely together as you wish during this phase.

Follow up

Our relationship doesn’t end when your site launches. I am always available when you have questions, need a refresher, or have an update that you need a little extra help with. I also provide detailed documentation and a Zoom training for keeping your new site up to date.

Curious about the results? See samples of my work here.

Powerful tools made simple for you

When you build your site with WordPress, your options are almost limitless. But with power comes complexity. I harness the power of advanced layout tools to create the look you want, and build a library of customized designs using your unique styles that you can use quickly and easily when you need to update or expand your site.

Custom Blocks

Build beautiful, flexible layouts with just a few clicks: staff, featured posts, related articles, and much more—whatever your site needs.

Custom Patterns

When you need to expand a section of your site, you’ll have bespoke patterns you can drop in to give you professional, consistent results every time. These patterns are not off the shelf; they are custom designed to hold the content you want to present.

Custom Styles

Your needs are unique, and your WordPress theme should be also. Combining custom blocks and patterns with styles created just for your site gives you the best results with the easiest maintenance.